About Us

Excellot was established and impacting the world long before it opened its door to business early 2019, believing that with our strong focus on excellence we will be the best in the industry. Our commitment to customers drives every decision we make, type of platform we provide and ease of navigating through the website. We are on a journey of excellence and dynamism that is just beginning and will eventually transform the job and training market.  We will do it right from the onset and continue to build on the excellence created. We will be the best job hunt, Job search, coaching and 360 training platform in the world providing a variety of training choices and connecting job seekers to the employers. We will Inspire moments of trust, optimism and joy in the heart of every of our customers. 

Our Services

Employer's Portal

We provide a unique platform where Employers can post job, view candidate profile and hire the best candidate for the job

Job Seeker's Portal

We provide a unique platform where job seekers can search for job and monitored job application status in real time.

Training Portal

We offer a training platform where users can search and enroll in training courses as well as attend webinars

About Excellot 

Job Search, Job hunt and Job lot

Coaching, Training and Online courses

Employmenr and Career 

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